“Share my Wife, And Save My Marriage!”

I’m serious folks. After 10 years, my wife and I were in a rut, barely speaking and certainly not having sex. I loved her dearly but I had no idea how to rekindle our spark. She’s still a very gorgeous woman but it struck me, she needed to hear it from someone else. I found Cheating-Housewives and it gave me an idea.. I suggested she join and cheat on me.. with my consent, of course, but we both agreed that to share my wife would be a thrill for us both. Heck, just talking about it got us so worked up we had sex for the first time in months and we couldn’t get enough of each other!

I share my wife regularly on Cheating-Housewives and we love it. It’s brought us closer together and rekindled our spark and made us work at our marriage again. I love knowing other guys find her attractive and she loves the go boost too. Our sex life is amazing, as I like to reclaim her after each time I share my wife 😉
One thing I have learned is that a strong marriage is not in any way threatened by sexual infidelity, so long as everyone knows. Secrecy kills trust.. but man, I love to share my wife, in full knowledge of every dirty little act she’s doing with another guy!


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